Social Innovation @KBH+


CONTEXT exam @DMJX, Danish School of Media & Journalism

CLIENT KBH+, a cultural space for young people from disadvantaged neighbourhoods

ASSIGNMENT use knowledge of social innovation to promote KBH+ in a way that speaks to their target audience



From interviews with the people that use the KBH+ facilities and employees it was clear, that the communication of the organization did not allign with the way they wanted to be seen - as a free space with no judgement and help in the capacity that's needed. The assignment was very focused on enhancing social innovation, but KBH+ already does social innovation in its purest form. That should not be changed. Instead we focused on how their branding and communication could help reach out to more young people, that could benefit from the events and facilities offered at KBH+. 

KBH+ is based in the North West quarters of Copenhagen in the middle of what the staff calls the "graffiti cache". This became the inspiration for creating both a visual identity and a form of communication that reflects what KBH+ embodies - differences, culture, cozyness and coolness. 

We changes the name for the purpose of the presentation and because the people who hang out at KBH+ doesn't call it "KBH+"... they call it "Plussen". So that's what we called it. Furthermore we gave examples of how Plussen could make some noise and draw attention to themselves in a language that makes sense to the people they are communicating with, or trying to communicate with. 

The ideas were many - everything from VR-concerts to pop-up yoga session. We landed on three specific ideas:

A video series where we can follow the boys from Plussen, who have previously been involved in criminal activities, but now use the clubhouse to hang out, get help to find a job, work out and play pool.

An Instagram-account a la Faces of New York, that portrays all the people coming to KBH+ and also depicts mentors and rolemodels. 

Pop-up workshops in other parts of Copenhagen that show what KBH+ has to offer (they have a gym, a woodshop, a theatre and a café among other things). 


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