Building and Selling a Business


CONTEXT exam in Projects & Communication @DMJX, Danish School of Media & Journalism

CLIENT no specific client

ASSIGNMENT invent and sell a business idea using knowledge about organizational structure and targeted communication


SOLUTION: Navigate - consultants for entrepreneurs

Inspired by the blossoming entrepreneurial environment in and around Copenhagen we created a Business Model Canvas and Value Proposition Design for young entrepreneurs, that wish consultancy when it comes to organization design, internal and external communication, talent management and all the other management diciplines that creatives need in order to succesfully run a business, but rarely have been tought have to manage. 

We "created" navigate as a way of saying how easy it would be to purchase this knowledge from students or recently graduated professionals such as us. This would free up the entrepreneurs time, so they can focus on their product development and their core business. 


Brand EquityCommunicating Brand Narrative

Teethy GraphicsGraphic Design

Rud Pedersen DenmarkGraphic Design

Plussen / KBH+Social Innovation

J&J WeddingGraphic Design

AccessXApp design / wireframing


Culture WorksBranding / Comm.


NavigateEntrepreneurship / Innovation